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. Sequel to Definition: Slut .


She can’t ever face him, not after she callously broke his heart. But when fate (or in her case, best friend) forces them to spend time together, she couldn’t deny the fact that her skin still burns from his touch. 
Too bad he has a lovely daughter and an equally gorgeous girlfriend. 
But with the way he smiles at her like that, Ella’s heart never stood a chance. 

The sequel was supposed to be #MusiciansAreHott but that didn't happen. This happened instead (a bit too late, but whatever--sorry). Anyway! I'll give you guys a scoop on what to expect from this book.
[1] Ella and Oliver ended their relationship 6 years ago.
. Okay. First off, please don't lose interest because of this. People break up and it's normal even though they're perfect for each other. Sometimes, things just do not work out. And this is what happened with Ella and Oliver. [spoilers] It's revealed in later in the book that Oliver and Ella's been having terrible communication problems and that their relationship wasn't something either of them could handle anymore no matter how much they are in love with each other. Whether or not they get back together, you guys will need to read it here.
[2] Children.
. Right, so I'm not old enough to have kids, but it's one of the things I know I want in life: kids. And like Def: Slut, Oliver being my dream-guy, Audrey is kind of like my dream daughter. Probably because I've been watching too much Modern Family and am currently in love with Lily. Anyway! Audrey causes a bit of turbulence at the beginning with regards to Ella and Oliver, but it's all just drama. Very unrealistic whatever's happening at the beginning (or the whole book in general), but that's why it's called fiction.

 [3] Killian.
I love Killian. Like, I was supposed to include him in the first book but that would be too much plot--it would have been too overwhelming. But let me give you guys the 4-1-1 on Killian (forgot his last name. OOPS). Killian was Ella's love interest in high school, where was a bit self-destructive and didn't really know who she was and what she wanted. Killian is the guy who swept her off her feet and gave her the bad boy experience (which, you know, I've always fantasized about because there's this boy from high school that I've been crushing on because he just SCREAMED bad boy). Anyway, in the end, she falls deeply in love, he breaks her heart, and she moves on. The end. More about their relationship later in the book.


Anyway, I hope you guys like this book! I'm going to enjoy writing this. 

x Grace


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