Sunday, January 26, 2014

So much loserness, so little time.

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Since 2008, I've been playing this game called MapleStory. And yeah, I know what you're thinking: wow Grace, you're such a loser. If you did think this, then that's okay. You can suck my D. If not, then you probably do not know what it is or that you're a dork like me who enjoys playing the game, or you just really like my blog so much that you're reading this, too.
Maple's this online, multi-player game where everything is 2D and it's just so friggin' adorable. Like, omigosh you have no idea. Anyway! I've been on and off this game for an odd number of years now and I think that it's become a small part of my teenage growing-up-stage. Right now, at age 20, I still go on every so often so I came to the conclusion that even though I'm going to be 45 one day, I'd probably still play this game.

Of Best Friends And Love

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There's just something about falling in love with your best friend that gets my heart. I supposed it's the transaction between feeling that this person's practically your sibling to the person you want to spend your whole life with cuddling and drinking tea. It's scary to let go of the sense of comfort you've already establish just so you can jump into this new relationship where you're so exposed that it's scary. 

Apple, Em & M, and Ocean Eyes: three short stories about friendship and love.


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