Sunday, January 26, 2014

Of Best Friends And Love

Posted by Grace at 1:47 PM

There's just something about falling in love with your best friend that gets my heart. I supposed it's the transaction between feeling that this person's practically your sibling to the person you want to spend your whole life with cuddling and drinking tea. It's scary to let go of the sense of comfort you've already establish just so you can jump into this new relationship where you're so exposed that it's scary. 

Apple, Em & M, and Ocean Eyes: three short stories about friendship and love.

Logan Fletcher was positive that he wasn’t anywhere close to being classified as prince charming, and he definitely didn’t own a white horse to ride off into the sunset on. However, there was one thing Logan was certain of: He was crazy about this girl. Logan Fletcher was absolutely in love with her. One way or another, he was going to get her.

 `   Em & M.                   
Emery and Mark understands each other better than they know themselves.
So they should end perfectly together, right?
WRONG. My name is Avery White, and this is how I stole M from Em.

  Ocean Eyes

 *Spin-Off of Definition: Slut This is the short story behind Damien and Mia from (Definition) Because sometimes, all you need is Spiderman boxers to really get things going.


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