Monday, July 27, 2015

Rated M for Mature

Posted by Grace at 11:10 AM
Bumping up my writing from FOR ANYONE to FOR ANYONE WITH A DIRTY MIND.

I grew up. Shocker, I know. I don't just write crappy, kind-of-funny-but-not-really fic anymore. Now, I write crappy, smutty-slash-sexy, kind-of-funny-but-not-really fic now.
So, what I'm doing right now is taking stories that are partially written but are rated G and turning them to their appropriate rating when I thought of the story line(which is Rated M, but I didn't have the lady balls to write them as that before). So, these are what I'm going to be posting after my exams and in between updating Untouchables and Ollibear. So worry not, I have not abandoned these projects yet.

Anyway, these two new (or not new) stories are posted on a different account, @_teacups, still on the same site as  @graceish.

Here they are: 

Good girl Jane Altair’s world turns upside down, inside out when bad boy Elliot Schaeffer reenters her life because of an adventurous phone call to a Phone Sex Line. 
Jane doesn’t like him. In theory, however, if she did like him (which she didn't), how can a girl like her fall for someone like him—a man so mysterious and brooding that the Da Vinci Code had nothing on him.  
 But what’s a girl gonna do when she’s hooked the moment he said ‘hello.’ 
Never mind the age gap. 
Never mind the baggage.
 What do when, theoretically speaking, you fall before you had the chance to run?
Sound familiar?
Because it is. Formerly titled as "Lollipop Pixie and the Bad Boy," this story is being re-posted under a new title and a more steamy plot line.
 This story is more humour than anything. More dirty talk than sexy-time. It's about a shy girl, Jane, who stumbled upon her high school friend/crush, Elliot eight years later. Now at 22, ready to take on the world, but not really because her student loans are huge and she doesn't have her ream job, Jane stumbles upon 26-years-old Elliot--the senior bad boy that was able to set her freshman heart ablaze. After picking up a card he'd dropped, one addressed to a Phone Sex Line, Jane decides to call it because it wasn't like anything else exciting was happening in her life and not because she secretly fantasized about Elliot whispering dirty things to her ears.
And he did. Whispered dirty things to her ear. Too bad she accidentally threw her phone across the room the moment his timbre voice called her princess.

24-Story Love Affair

Teachers, best friends, bosses--it's all very forbidden. 
Too bad she's the type that can't resist what she can't have.
I hope you guys like this one. Remember that story, Apple? Well, this is where Zoey and Blake originally appeared. This was their story before I pulled them out and changed everything (their family, their first meeting, date, age, etc) and placed them in Apple.
The plot line is: Zoey and Blake work together. Zoey, a stubborn, won't-take-your-shit kind of woman, works for Blake, a caring asshole with Daddy issues. They're attracted to each other but did nothing to that attraction until one fateful night (first chapter) and things just spiraled out of control from there.
This story is sweet with very little drama and misunderstandings. 
It's about taking the risks to be happy.

That's all for now.
I'm gonna go study now.
See you guys whenever.
x grace


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