Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Musicians are Hott

Posted by Grace at 8:56 AM
A sequel to Definition: Slut
This book will explain more on Oliver's family as well as Ella's...the part that didn't really fit in the series. Although, this will be written in a new character's perspective.

Musicians are Hott
They knew each other like the back of their hands. They were the best of all things best friends. They also met online. She was finishing her undergraduate degree, while he was rising to stardom. Under a series of fortunate events, they meet. It should have been easy to fall in love, but life just had a knack for making things difficult.  
(Yeah, crappy synopsis, but it will be changed soon!)


Musicians are Hott

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MusiciansAreHott: Taken or single?
xxMuffinCake: Depends. Who’s asking?
MusiciansAreHott: I play guitar.
xxMuffinCake: Me, too.
MusiciansAreHott: That’s hot. ASL?
xxMuffinCake: 21. F. My room. ASL.
MusiciansAreHott: 18. M. Garage. I'm in a band.
xxMuffinCake: I bet you get a lot of girls with that line.
MusiciansAreHott: I do.
Jokes on him. I was so not twenty-one. 


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